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Mario spent his own money the last couple of weeks to test Facebook Video Ads in very detail to generate traffic and most importantly LEADS.

He got leads for as low as $1.40, his opt in page converts at 53% with COLD traffic and he had a massive Return Of Investment.

He's going to share EVERYTHING with you - from the ad, to the results to why it's working so incredibly well.

As you know, Video is HUGE right now and just 3 weeks ago Facebook announced that they're getting 8 Billion Video vies per day! That's just insane. 

Mario understands the power and with this Case Study he's now giving you everything that is working NOW when it comes to Facebook Ads and specifically Video Ads.

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Facebook just announced that they're getting 8 Billion (!) Video Views Every Single day. 

This is MASSIVE growth and we'd be silly not to leverage that power and the fact that everyone and everything is about Video right now.

Mario Brown just right now launched an amazing Case Study about how he's doing Facebook Video Ads generating Leads for as low as $1.40, getting video views for a penny and converting his landing pages at over 53% with cold traffic. 


Those numbers are just insane, and they're Real. 

Imagine how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website for yoru offers, services, products, eCommercoe store or anything that you want to promote.

In this case study Mario is letting you look behind the curtains. He spent his own money to test everything when it comes to FB Video Ads and now he's handing you all the info on a silver platter.

His exact landing page that converts at 53%

The best form to bid with video. The exact interests that he targeted. His video ads and retargeting ads. 


If you could use more traffic and you'd love to jump on this major opportunity check out Mario's case study immediately:


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this product is only on a special for 3 days. There is a countdown timer on the page and Mario is doing a special till Monday, then all the bonuses expire and the price triples.

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Yesterday I told you about Mario's Facebook Video Ads Case Study and trust me, you don't want to miss this.

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This special is only open for 3 days and then it ends and I encourage you to check the video and stats on this page.

Mario really dives into it and reveals inside the case study:

- His Landing Page Converting at 53% (with COLD traffic)

- The EXACT Video Ad & Retargeting Ads He Used

- His Exclusive Thank You Page For Authority & Branding

- How He's Getting Leads For As Low As $1,40

- EVERY Test & Result He Got

If you need more traffic & leads (which business doesn't) you want to check this out right away before the special ends in just 48 hours.

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Facebook just announced that theyr'e getting over 8 Billion Video Views per day, which is just insane. 

Imagine how much traffic you can get with that, even if you get just a tiny percentage.

Generating leads, getting exposure, creating authority - those are all benefits of using Video on Facebook and in this Case Study you discover exactly what is working N-O-W.

Not 3 months ago, not half a year ago but NOW. 

Things are changing so fast and this is THE most up to date training on FB Ads and specifcially Video Ads.

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SUBJECT: 3000% Return Of Investment (Video Ads), Create Your First FB Video Ad (How To), Massive FB Video Ads Case Study Inside, TRAFFIC & LEADS (FB Video Ads), FB Video Ads For Newbies


If you'd like to learn how to create powerful, engaging & LUCRATIVE Video Ads on Facebook you got to check this out right away:


Mario just launched 'FB Video Ads Formula' (special ending tomorrow) and this case study is what you've been looking for if you need more traffic and if you'd like to leverage Video. 

Everything is step-by-step and it's created with the newbie in mind. 

He takes you by the hand creating your landing page, your thank you page and setting up your tracking all in a newbie friendly way so that you won't get overwhelmed.

If you follow each step (it's just a handful) while you look over his shoulder you are up and running TODAY.

And here is the best part, this is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Mario's campaigns are $3 - $5 per day. Literally, if you skip Starbucks tomorrow and you invest those 7 bucks into Facebook, you'll be generating highly qualified leads tomorrow!

Check this video for all the details:

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Mario got a massive Return of Investment from this campaign, he's handing you his exactl landing pages, his ads and every test results - it's incredible.

Important: Please be aware that this special is ending tomorrow - this is a 3 day launch and once the countdown timer hits zero the special ends, the bonuses expire and the price goes up dramtically.

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For the last 2 days I've been telling you about this training and today is your last chance to get it for next to nothing with all the bonuses and training.

We'd be crazy to ignore the power of Video in combination with Video Ads.

This is an exclusive Training Mario Brown has put together teaching absolutely everything he learned about Video Ads during this case study - you won't find a more up to date training on FB Ads & FB Video Ads today.

No theory here either - Everything is based 100% on what's working now for Mario in his business so you're only getting the best information and training based on actual results working NOW.

Why would anyone pay more later?

Today is the very last day to get this training for the lowest price with all the bonuses.

Landing Pages converting at 53%, Leads as low as $1,43, Tracking, Bidding, Test Results - Everything.

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Life rewards action takers and right now you have a choice. You can do what you did in the past and get the same results OR you pick up Mario's 'FB Video Ads Formula' and leverage the power of Video and Massive Facebook Traffic.


Here's the deal - in less than 7 hours this special is gone and I'd hate to see you pay a lot more down the road for something that you can have this very moment for the price of a lunch box.

You are getting access to THE most up to date Test Results, you get the EXACT landing pages Mario used to get 53% conversion rates, you get to understand and leverage video ads on Facebook and so much more.

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This is the very last reminder that the special for 'FB Ads Video Formula' with all the bonuses, the lowest price and all the HD Video Training is ending now.

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In fact, the speical is ending in less than 3 hours. 

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Well look at all the testimonials and stories here:

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